Our team are highly qualified professionals with a wealth of experience of teaching and working with young people. Our courses are taught to the highest standard and will prepare each candidate to achieve their goals.  

Katy Campbell – Head of School

Katy has over 7 years’ experience of teaching languages (French, Spanish and German) professionally in England including working as the Head of Modern Languages at a large comprehensive school for the last 4 years.  In that time Katy’s students have developed exceptionally well and she has regularly been called upon to demonstrate best language teaching practice to her peers. Many of Katy’s students have gone on to study languages at university including at Oxbridge universities, far above the national averages for pupils from equivalent schools, which is testament not only to her abilities as a teacher, but also to her capacity to inspire students to enjoy studying languages.

Katy hails from the North East of England and always had a passion for languages eventually studying French, Spanish and German at Newcastle University.  During her degree Katy worked as an English teacher in Paris, France and also taught English privately to individual students. She spent summers working at summer camps in Switzerland, teaching English to children from a range of backgrounds.  Later she joined Matt in leading their own summer camp in Ourense, Galicia. 

Katy is CELTA accredited and leads the courses to prepare students for Cambridge exams. 

Matt Campbell – Head of Activities

Matt is a highly qualified lawyer and was working for one of the UK’s largest firms prior to setting up Casper’s.  However, Matt has always had a passion for languages and for working with young people, and it is this area where Matt would now like to focus his professional life.  Throughout university, where Matt studied German, he worked for a government project aimed at encouraging young people in England to study other languages. Later Matt spent a year working as a language assistant, teaching English in a bilingual school in Galicia.  

Like Katy, Matt also spent his summers working for and running summer camps in Switzerland and in Galicia and has worked with a huge range of young people in those roles; even including royalty. 

Alongside languages and travel, Matt is a very keen sportsman.  From a young age, Matt has been involved in coaching sports to youngsters including football, boxing, sailing, adventure sport etc. Matt understands that some people (like him) flourish when learning languages in another context alongside learning in a classroom.  He is keen to ensure that those people are not left behind – what better way to engage children in learning English than through sport?

Matt is a qualified TEFL teacher. 

Chris Campbell – Consultant

Chris (Matt’s dad) is an extremely experienced teaching and languages professional.  For the last 6 years Chris has worked for OFSTED the UK government body responsible for inspecting schools, ensuring that the most recent best practices are in place and raising the level of education.  Prior to his move into inspecting, Chris worked at a regional level across the North East of England as a HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspector) consulting with schools with a view to improving their performance and teaching.

Earlier in his career, Chris spent almost 30 years working as a foreign languages teacher with the majority of those spent heading his department within a busy comprehensive school. 

Chris now provides consulting services privately to schools in the UK and his involvement with Casper’s will extend to reviewing and assessing the education provided to ensure that the very best education is provided to our students. Chris will also advise on our policies, including in relation to safeguarding and child welfare so you can rest assured that your children will be well cared for during their time with Casper’s. 

Casper – El Jefe

Casper is our black Labrador and boss of the family.  We heard about Casper when he was 9 months old and was living in a cupboard and hardly ever being walked.  Matt had never had a pet before and was reluctant to take on a dog, but when Katy injured a knee skiing, he relented and Casper came to live with Matt and Katy. 

Casper is now an integral part of family life, he has the prime position on the couch and loves playing with people of all ages, being stroked and groomed. Above all Casper is very greedy.